Digital Canaries offers an extensive range of build Spaces, Film Sets & Standing set locations.


Location & Build Space

4000+ sq ft,

NO Pillars (40'x95'x21')

Studio 6- Green Screen / White Screen

Budget Green/White Screen Studio cyc

Cyc is 20' wall x 28' wall x 14" high, 560 sq ft (actual green screen)

Studio6 is a small low budget 20x28x14 L-shaped cyclorama studio.

It's an ideal space for green/white screen shoots, small set builds, photo shoots, casting calls, product shots, etc.

This studio has access to a bay door for loading and a support/staging area, along with washroom and makeup/wardrobe.

100 Amp Power 5x20 Amp outlets

600 amp transformers available at additional cost

Set pieces, set design & build, additional gear, prop & wardrobe rentals available on site.


With over 20 standing set locations, we are always constant development and use,

so if you don't see what your looking for give us a call as it changes all the time.

All of our standing sets, Film Sets & Build Spaces are not constructed in a sound stage & are frequently changing, so are designated as locations outside the GTA

Standing Sets & Film Sets : Special

The Oval Office, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,

The Whitehouse Press Room,

The CourtHouse , CourtRoom,


Standing Sets & Film sets : Police & Crime sets & locations,

Bull Pen , Police offices, Captains Office , Jail Cells, Interrogation Rooms, Interview Room

Evidence Locker,Hallway, Elevators, Court Room, District Attorney Office, Lawyers Office,

Bank Vault, Dungeon, Dark spaces, Morgue, Stairwells Houses, Apartments, Bank

Sets are pre dressed. Additional props and set dressings available at additonal cost

Standing Sets & Film Sets : Medical & Hospital

Hospital Corridor, Hospital Theatre, Operating Theatre , Patient room, Patient Wards, Beds , Consulting Rooms, Doctors Walk In,

MRI, Morgue, Waiting Room, Nurses Station , Hallway,

Sets are pre dressed. Additional props available

Standing Sets & Film Sets : General

Houses, apartment, basement appartment , Rooms, Kitchens, Modern kitchen, large Kitchen, retro kitchen, 1950 kitchen,1960 Kitchen,

Retro rooms, Fireplaces, living Rooms, Bedrooms, modern Bathrooms, retro Bathrooms, Stairwells, Hallways, Windows, Flywalls, Bank Set,

Standing Sets & Film Sets : Offices

Lawyer offices, reporters offices, Interview rooms, Police offices,

small offices, modern offices, retro offices, captain offices, board room, retro board room

Court Room, Oval office, Whitehouse Pressroom, Doctors Office, Pyschaitrist Office, District Attorney office, Panelled Room, Pillared Corridor

Standing Sets & Film Sets : Interrogation Rooms, The Dark Spaces,

Dark Concrete Walls, Old block walls, Concrete Floors & roof, Old abandoned look, Bank Vault, Murderous Spaces,

torture Spaces, interrogation rooms, interview rooms,

Set pieces, set design & build, additional gear, prop & wardrobe rentals available on request.