Over 50+ Standing Sets,Set Elements, Film Sets & Set locations.

Set design & build available

Standing Sets, Elements, Film Sets & Set Locations

1. Retro Kitchen

2. Contemporary Kitchen

3. Kitchen Large

4. Courtroom

5. Apartment Redressed Yellow

6. Paneled Office

7. Rooms Bedroom Modern

8. Rooms Bedroom Retro

9. Rooms Sitting Retro

10. Lobby - Hotel, Courtroom, Corporate, Bank

11. Elevators - Hotel, Courtroom, Corporate, Bank

12. Lobby Bar Hospitality

13. Chapel - Church

14. Hospital Room - Recovery Room

15. Hospital Room - Operating Theater

16. Hospital Corridor

17. Doctors Examination Office

18. Doctors Examination Office2

19. Waiting Room

20. Morgue

21. Jail Cells Prison Block

22. The Corridor

23. Rooms Basement

24. Apartment Repainted Blue

25. Interrogation room 2 barred windows , door with glass panel

26. Interrogation room 2 concrete

27. Interrogation room 3 brick basement with windows at ground height

28. The Bunker

29. Oval Office

30. Whitehouse Press Room

31. Exotic Club Corner / black stage

32. Elevator Hotel (practical)

33. Elevator Hospital (practical)

34. Workshop - Store room

35. Retro Office

36. Police Bull Pen 2 UC

37. Lawyers Office

38. Concrete Block - Brick - Dark place 2

39. Auditorium seats

40. Green / white cyc studio 6

41. Interrogation room 4 with viewing room planned 2017

42. Diner Planned 2017

43. New York furniture / collectors store

44. Prison Corridor

45. Elevator Black Marble (practical)

The Oval Office : 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Experience Presidential luxury in our Oval Office. Full 360-degrees, with multiple doors, faux fireplace, and fully dressed (customizable).

Click To see the Oval Office Video

Standing Sets & Film Sets : Medical & Hospital

Hospital Corridor, Hospital Theatre, Elevator, Operating Theatre , Patient room, Recovery Room, Patient Wards, Beds , Consulting Rooms, Doctors Walk In,

MRI, Morgue, Waiting Room, Nurses Station , Hallway,

Sets are pre dressed. Additional props available

Hospital & Medical Standing Sets & Film Sets

Our hospital sets include: a fully equipped operating room, an MRI theatre, medical lab, hospital rooms, hallways, waiting room and a morgue

Standing Sets & Film Sets: Police & Crime sets & locations

Bull Pen , Police offices, Captians Office , Jail Cells, Interrogation Rooms, Interview Room

Evidence Locker,Hallway, Elevators, Court Room, District Attorney Office, Lawyers Office,

Bank Vault, Dungeon, Dark spaces, Morgue, Stairwells Houses, Apartments,

Sets are pre dressed. Additional props and set dressings available at additonal cost

Police Bullpens & Offices

Our Police Bullpen or Office available fully dressed offers an addtional 5 glass offices allow for a stunning amount of movement and depth perception

Court Room & Lobby

This set offers luxurious textures in stone and wood. Approximately 60x40 feet, there is seating for a full jury, defence, prosecution, and witnesses - in addition to exterior halls, and offices for judge’s chambers and meeting rooms.

Jail Cells

Comprising 8 full 8ft X 10ft jail cells, 4 placed either side of a 16ft jailcell corridor. Each Jail or prison cell has a custome made solid steel, lockable cell door.

Doctor's Office

Complete Doctors Office or Walkin Clinic, Doctors Examination Table, Scales, Computer.

Evidence Locker

Fully Dressed Evidence Locker or Working Space.

Standing Sets & Film Sets : General

Houses, appartment, basement appartment , Rooms, Kitchens, Modern kitchen, large Kitchen, retro kitchen, 1950 kitchen, 1960 Kitchen, Retro rooms, Fireplaces, living Rooms, Bedrooms, modern Bathrooms, retro Bathrooms, Stairwells, Hallways, Windows, Flywalls.

House Sets

We have full house sets available with multiple bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. They can be dressed in a multitude of styles and time periods, utilizing our extensive collection of props.

Standing Sets & Film Sets: Offices

Lawyer offices, reporters offices, interview rooms, police offices,

small offices, modern offices, retro offices, captain offices, board room, retro board room

Court Room, Oval office, Whitehouse Pressroom, Doctors Office, Pyschaitrist Office, District Attorney office, Panelled Room, Pillared Corridor

Standing Sets & Film Sets: The Dark Spaces

Dark Concrete Walls, Old block walls, Concrete Floors & roof, Old abandoned look, Bank Vault, Murderous Spaces, torture Spaces, interrogation